Quarterly Generator Preventive Maintenance - The Hague Datacenter

Completed Maintenance Scheduled on 06/17/2024 08:00:00 Estimated finish 06/17/2024 17:00:00
The purpose of this quarterly service is to ensure the safety and reliability of our equipment. The maintenance will be executed by certified Bredenoord technicians and supervised by our datacenter team.

Technicians will be working on the generator servicing the A and the B feed. The work will be executed in controlled segmented steps to minimize unavailability. This approach aims to minimize the potential impact on service while acknowledging an increased risk due to the temporary unavailability of the generator.

Upon completion, power will be transferred from the Utility supply to our Generator system and back to faciliate a load test. All power supplies to customer cabinets will remain protected by our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

While the risk is higher during this period, we have taken all necessary precautions to mitigate potential issues and ensure the reliability of our infrastructure. You may notice the lighting will switch off momentarily during transfer, emergency lighting will continue to provide adequate illumination throughout the facility during this period.

Please note that this maintenance activity will not impact your services.
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